Styling a Room – What Does That Mean?


Styling a room versus filling it with crap… there is a book for that.

During my most recent  book shop crawl I found this gem of a book called Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson. If you have art and travel treasures and things you love and find beautiful and meaningful and want to display them in a way that honours them and inspires you then this book is for you!

Define Styling…

Interior design is a mix of technical work and artistry. I define “styling” for our clients as placing and arranging all their art, collections, books and “treasures”. Styling with art and objects that have beauty and meaning. This is the perfect way to finish a technically well planned space. Styling a room is like the jewellery on an outfit. It finishes it and adds soul to the space. It reflects the most important thing about your space which is you.

What I believe:

I believe the things you have in the room should have meaning and value to you.  In that they make you happy or remind you of people or experiences that feed your soul. Things that inspire you with their beauty or function. The bags of knick knacks from home decor shops dragged into your home in the hope of injecting this feeling is futile. I strongly discourage it! Personally I am not a fan of over doing “stuff” in a room. Stuff for stuff sake or “shelf shit” as my friend calls it detracts rather than enriches a space. An empty shelf or table top is better than one that is filled with things that mean nothing to you.

How Good Space Plans Online deal with Styling:

We have worked out a way to help our Good Space Plans Online clients with styling. Good Space can do that when we are not in the same city  let alone the same room!  There is a great styling section in the Good Space online plans that we create for our clients.  I know this is really helpful for hanging art and placing treasures

Happy Styling!


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